Contractors, energy auditors, project developers

Energize NY Finance is an innovative product to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades in commercial properties in participating municipalities.

The PACE advantage

Energize NY’s PACE financing offers several advantages:

  • Energize NY Finance provides 100% of the capital needed to pay for the work. 
  • Up to 20 year financing terms enable the annual energy savings to more than pay for the financed cost of the project.
  • Building owners can conserve their credit lines for other uses.
  • Energy improvements are profitable from the outset. 
  • Financing is automatically transferred to succeeding owners  
  • New York State qualified energy audits, measurement and verification provide property owners with the assurance proposed energy savings will be realized.

Qualify Your Project

The first step is to fill out a Pre-Application found on the Energize NY Application for Financing page. This will confirm whether the property will qualify for Energize NY Finance. The Pre-Application may be completed before you know the full scope of the project and is submitted on-line or downloaded as a fillable PDF that can be emailed.  If all eligibility requirements are met, the property owner will receive a Conditional Reservation Number for participation in the Energize NY Finance Program.

If your property is located within a municipality that is not currently a member, please contact your local elected official and encourage joining the EIC. Click here for a letter of encouragement you can send to your municipal officials. 

Become a Qualified Partner

Interested in becoming an Energize NY Finance Qualified Partner?  Learn how Energize NY Finance drives deep energy savings for your customers. Trained Energize NY Finance Qualified Partners bring fully financed solutions to building owners and enable deeper energy saving measures in an energy reduction plan. Partners have access to other resources such as third party financial analysis services to help customers determine the economic viability of a project.

Contact Commercial Director Robert Fischman to learn how your business can become an Energize NY Finance Qualified Partner today. Be sure to take a look at our events page to see when the next contractor training is available.