Leveraging Solarize and CPACE to achieve Green Building Goals

Oct 12th 2017
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Join Southern Tier Solar Works, and the U.S Green Building Council for part 2 of our webinar series! In this segment we discuss energy efficiency in relation to commercial solar development, a solarize campaign, and Energize NY PACE financing. Completing energy efficiency measures provide significant savings, significant enough to invest in solar down the road.

Joining us will be Melanie McMahan from Solar by CIR, one of our commercial solar installers with expertise in using lighting and controls in conjunction with solar projects; The Insulation Man, Dave Currie, who will share first hand experience on how PACE financing, and energy efficiency, can pave the way for solar in the commercial world. Last but not least, Jana Petrikova from Energize NY, who will discuss the PACE finance program, and share some of the energy efficiency projects they have financed.

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