Launch of Energize NY in Tompkins and Ithaca

Written by: Heather Flournoy on Jan 14th 2016

Congratulations to City of Ithaca and Tompkins County, NY on the launch of their Energize NY program January 7th! A great group of over 70 civic minded, progressive leaders from Ithaca and Tompkins’ government, the Tenant-Landlords Association, Tompkins Chamber of Commerce, Tompkins Economic Development, engineering and contracting firms, and local community groups. The evening was introduced with enthusiam and eloquence by Michael Lane, Chair of the Tompkins Legislature, and Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca, followed by supportive remarks by Tompkins Chamber of Commerce CEO Jennifer Tavares, Tompkins County Area Development VP Heather McDaniels and Kelly Tyler, NYSERDA's Director of Communities and Local Government. Michael Lane remarked that "Energize figured out a way to harness the power of private capital markets and State programs to maximize the potential of PACE financing to provide low cost, long-term loans. The result is Energize New York…a non-profit local development corporation that does just one thing—and does it very well---it uses PACE to finance energy-related projects.  The City of Ithaca and Tompkins County are among the first governments in New York State to participate in the Energize NY program.  In fact, Tompkins County is on its governing  board."

Robert Fischman from Energize NY shared program details and fielded numerous audience questions. 

Media coverage of the event included: 

Ithaca Journal  |  WSKG News


Group Photo
Front Row:
Melissa Kemp, Don Wells, unidentified, Katie Borgella, Sara Culotta, Ian Shapiro, Bob Fischman, Anna Kelles, Don McIrney,

Jennifer Tavares, Jon Negley, Michael Mollin, Heather McDaniel, Kristen Alles, Michael Lidgate, Dave Currie, Adam Flint, Kelly Tyler, Michael Lane, Carol Chock, Paul Mazzarella

Back: Rick Darfler, unidentified, Joe Del Sindaco, William Petrillose, Greg Thomas, Nick Goldsmith, Jim Holahan, Insulation Man, Bill Goodman, unidentified, Joe Mareane, Karim Beers,  Ed Marx, Jon Harrod

Speakers Photo
Michael Lane (Tompkins County Chair of Legislature), Kelly Tyler (NYSERDA Local Communities and Governments), Svante Myrick (Mayor of Ithaca), Joseph Del Sindaco (PACE Advisor to Energize NY)